Sunday, 17 June 2018

Geodesic Structures

Have you ever seen a geodesic dome? Geodesic domes are approximately sphere-like structures made up of interconnected triangles. A famous geodesic dome is Spaceship Earth at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, Florida, but geodesic domes are also commonly found as climbing domes at playgrounds. 

Ball skills

P.E. We Are Learning To: Pass the ball using a variety of passes

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Bouncy Balls

6.6.18 Bouncy Ball Experiment

This afternoon we tried an experiment. We were trying to make a beautiful bouncy ball but unfortunately it didn’t turn out how it was supposed to.
We followed the instructions however the mixture did not form into a ball shape, it was incredibly mushy and all of the colours mixed together. Whilst rinsing out the bowls and cups, we noticed that there were still a lot of Borax crystals at the bottom of the cup.
Putting on our thinking caps, we decided that next time, we should use hot water and see if that helps.

7.6.18 Attempt number 2

With hope in our hearts we had another try at making bouncy balls. We made a couple of changes to our recipe. First we only put a couple of drops of food colouring into the container, hoping that it would make the mixture less runny. Secondly we used hot water instead of warm water to make the Borax crystals dissolve completely.
Success! Well, kind of.
We managed to make a ball with two colours, it seemed so perfect. Until we left it on the table and it started to lose its shape, like a slowly melting snow man.
Miss Lorenz asked a couple of the other teachers who had done this experiment before us and they said that theirs was definitely more solid than ours. What are we doing differently?

8.6.18 Third and final(?) attempt

Miss Lorenz had a thought. Perhaps we didn’t succeed because we used different PVA glue to the last time? She went to the 1,2,3 Mart next to Countdown in Lynfield and bought some cheap white glue.
In class, we all had a third go at making a bouncy ball. Other than the PVA glue, we didn’t change anything else.
Miss Lorenz had to split the balls into quarters so that everyone in the group got a piece to take home. The balls were quite bouncy compared to the first tries. Some of the balls went flat once they had been taken home. We don’t quite know why.
Most of the balls could have been better, so we will try again at home if our parents let us.

Coke and Mentos

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Off to Whenuapai

From 25 to 22, we say goodbye to Azhaaz this week as he and his family move to Whenuapai. 
We all wish Ashaaz well with his new home and school.